Winter Workouts

Winter time in Key West isn’t nearly as bad as up in the Northeast, that’s for sure. When you decide you want to start working out, does the weather really matter?

If you make excuses, you’ll never start your fitness regiment. So, don’t let the weather slow you down, even if you do live up North where it is extremely cold in the winter.

Running in the Cold

Listen, this isn’t ideal. However, if you want to up the ante and start training like an animal, you’re going to have to start running in the cold weather. All it takes is a little self discipline and the right attitude.

Treadmill Workouts

You don’t need to run outside ALL THE TIME! What you do need to do is sacrifice some time to get on the treadmill. This can be a treadmill that’s home, or at your local GYM – like Stay Fit Studio Key West!

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