4 Tips to Reduce Pain While Working Out

Reaching your health and fitness goals sometimes happens with a cost. We aren’t talking about money this time around. Avid gym rats and fitness instructors will be the first to tell you to get the gain, you need the pain.

In this workout series, we want to discuss ways to reduce pain while working out. Listen, it isn’t easy avoiding pain if you want to reach some seriously high goals that you set out to achieve. However, there are ways to minimize that risk, and harness the power that lies within you.

Top 4 Tips to Help You Stay Pain-Free During Workouts

The next time you go to the gym, you can be sure to safely practice our top four tips. What you will get out of it is lower inflammation and top-notch health that will help you be pain-free. In addition, you can get stronger, more fit and reach your goals much faster. Are you ready to get started? Great, let’s begin.

this picture shows a woman who needs to learn how to reduce pain while working out

#1: Lift Weights With Great Technique

One of the worst ways to get injured is lack of knowledge on how to properly execute a specific lift. For example, if you are doing power cleans and you have incorrect technique, it can easily lead to back injury. So, take it from our experts here first – learn the proper techniques!

#2: Use a Dynamic Warm Up Routine

Before every workout you should strongly consider going through a dynamic warm-up. This involves static stretching and loosening up the major muscles in your body. If you commit to this before every lift, run or class, you will reduce the risk of injury immensely.

#3: Stretch Your Muscles

Here we go, not the stretching again! To be honest, stretching helps reduce pain all by itself. And, the more you do, the less pain you are likely to have. If you commit to a pre and post workout stretching routine, you will easily reduce your pain. Some stretches include leg extensions and bare back bellys.

#4: Use a Foam Roller

This is one of the best things we have ever incorporated into our workouts. In fact, the fitness classes that we run here at Stay Fit Studio Key West require our members to foam roll 5 minutes before and after the class. This helps prevent injury by loosening up the muscles in the legs, which in turn helps the overall strength.


For years we have been studying ways to prevent injury and reduce pain for people that love working out. You have to understand that just a minor injury can set you back weeks in the fitness world. All the goals and dreams you are trying to achieve can come to a complete stop if you get injured, or, if you have a small amount of pain in certain areas of the body.

With all that being said, stick to our four tips. Make them a daily habit and add them into your workouts. If you can do that, we know you will be stronger, healthier and you will reach your goals without pain.

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